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15 February, 2017 | Russell Smith

3 Ways to Secure Service Accounts in Active Directory

If you’re looking for security weak spots in your organization, auditing service accounts isn’t a bad place to start. Active Directory audit should include establishing the rights assigned to each account, the password strength, the last time it was reset, and whether it is a domain account,...
17 August, 2015 | Krishna Kumar

Securing SharePoint: How and Why

SharePoint is one of the easiest applications to deploy and install, but it is not easy to configure with full proof security. Many administrators just perform the basic deployment without much security configuration. There is no set configuration to make it fully secure, since every environment is...
14 August, 2012 | Robert Bobel

Reducing the cost of employee owned mobile devices

The broad appeal of using personal mobile devices at work has driven IT to develop effective employee device policies. While allowing employees to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) does have its advantages, traditional costs associated with users connecting to the network actually increase because...