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16 January, 2020 | Vladan Seget

VMware Security Best Practices

Securing a virtual environment running VMware vSphere is not as simple as accepting the default setting and policies during installation. While the defaults provide partially hardened settings, there are many ways to improve upon them. By following VMware security best practices, you can help...
9 January, 2020 | Vladan Seget

The Basics of Virtualization Security

Virtualization security is a critical part of a comprehensive security strategy. In today’s environments which are over 80 % virtualized, virtualization security needs to be applied to all layers — physical, virtual and cloud. This article explains some of the key processes and configuration...
23 December, 2019 | Vladan Seget

How to Manage VMware Snapshots

What is a VMware snapshot? VMware snapshots are quick and easy way to save a state of a virtual machine (VM) before you test a patch, software update or other change. The VMware snapshot preserves the state and data of the VM at the current point in time, so when you are done testing, you can...