Free Tip Sheet for Active Directory Auditing

Want to improve your auditing in Active Directory? Have a look at this tip sheet posted recently on our site. In it you’ll find some of the most important information you need to know about auditing Active Directory. This resource should help you implement the best possible Active Directory audit on an ongoing basis while avoiding some of the common pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding the proper use of Active Directory audit logs, event IDs and settings. Print out this PDF and use it in your office.
Active Directory Auditing
If you need to improve your security, visibility and compliance efforts surrounding Active Directory, take a look at the Active Directory Change Reporter available in freeware and full-featured editions. The freeware provides robust auditing using our AuditAssurance™ technology and the full-featured version provides long-term archiving and the Active Directory Object Restore wizard plus more valuable AD monitoring capabilities in a single tool. It can report and alert in real-time activities such as who added a call center user to your Domain Admins Group, who deleted a number of computer accounts in your executive group, who enabled ex-employee accounts, and who deleted the head of HR’s user account. All details also include when and where the change was made as well as the exact AD object that changed and the before and after detail.

Are you auditing Active Directory? If not, why? Please share your thoughts below:

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