PowerShell: Active Directory Optimization

The Netwrix blog is famous for its series of blog posts that provide IT pros with powerful PowerShell commands for Active Directory. Using these helpful cmdlets, you can easily collect the required information without spending too much time on scripting. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Today, we compiled a list of all these blog posts so that you can easily find the Active Directory PowerShell script to solve your specific problem and make your IT environment more secure.

Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how to find information about such AD objects as new, inactive or disabled users; users whose passwords never expire; disabled or inactive computers, AD site information and much more.

Table of Contents (stay tuned for updates):

  1. How to Find Inactive Computers in Active Directory Using PowerShell

Easily obtain a list of inactive computer accounts in Active Directory with the help of PowerShell script.

  1. How to Find Locked-Out User Accounts in Active Directory Using PowerShell

Learn how to query Active Directory for locked-out user accounts in just one step.

  1. How to Get a List of Expired User Accounts in AD Using PowerShell

Check out a simple PowerShell script that will help you to generate a list of expired user accounts in Active Directory.

  1. How to Get a List of AD Users Whose Passwords Never Expire Using PowerShell

Need to make sure that unwanted AD user accounts do not have the “Password Never Expires” attribute set? Use a few PowerShell commands from this article.

  1. How to Collect AD Site Information Using PowerShell

Find various AD site information such as AD site location, site options configured, ISTG assigned to the site, and more by using a bunch of powerful cmdlets.

  1. How to Find Disabled or Inactive Users and Computers in Active Directory Using PowerShell

Use a handy PowerShell script to find disabled or inactive user and computer accounts in Active Directory.

  1. How to Discover New Users in Active Directory Using PowerShell

Discover new users added to AD within the last 24 hours and email their credentials by using PowerShell.

  1. How to Create Active Directory Users in Bulk and Email Their Credentials Using PowerShell

Create Active Directory accounts in bulk and send them a welcome email in two simple steps by using PowerShell.

Now you can easily use PowerShell to query Active Directory. Has this info made you happy? Then please share your feedback and feel free to give us ideas for new blog posts on Active Directory PowerShell scripts.

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