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28 December, 2015 | Richard Muniz

What To Do about Passwords in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

One post thread on Spiceworks caught my eye.  The Spicehead wanted to know what to do about passwords when it came to DR plans.  Was he supposed to put the passwords into it, or just what was he supposed to do with them.  Well, the first thing you don’t want to do is put them in the Disaster...
13 November, 2015 | Richard Muniz

The Actual Disaster Recovery Plan

Part two of a Disaster Recovery process is the actual plan. You have to look at what could go wrong and either eliminate the possibility it would, or at least lower the impacts. So, if you failed to avoid the problem, you have to have a plan to meet it and deal with it. There’s a lot of really...
30 September, 2015 | Richard Muniz

Security Issues in Disaster Recovery

There was a movie that came out a few years back with one line that has stuck with me, and the truth behind it is very evident. “There is opportunity in chaos!” And in recovery scenarios, opportunity abounds. One of the real problems when doing business recovery is that too often, our focus...
29 September, 2015 | Richard Muniz

Virtualization As a Part of Disaster Recovery Plan

Mitigation (eliminating or lowering the impact of an incident) is a crucial part of any Disaster Recovery plan, as well as planning itself. I’ve always wanted to underscore the need to have this sorted out in advance, and Hurricane Sandy is the ideal place to point. Some of you will remember...
18 March, 2015 | Richard Muniz

Key Points for Good Disaster Recovery Planning

In some of the previous articles we’ve looked at disaster recovery planning, and I pointed out that there are four distinct areas of planning: mitigation planning response recovery We took a decent look at mitigation, which we said was eliminating or minimizing the impact of a...
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