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11 February, 2015 | Russell Smith

Secure PowerShell Remoting Using Constrained Endpoints

PowerShell Remoting is enabled in Windows Server 2012 (and later) out-of-the-box, and while many IT shops see this as a potential security risk, PowerShell is in fact one of the most secure ways to administer servers if best practices are followed. In this article, I’m going to show you how to...
23 September, 2014 | John O'Neill Sr.

Endpoint Protection vs Modern Threats

As IT professionals, it’s our responsibility to do everything within our power to protect our organizations from IT security threats. Unfortunately, all too often I hear fellow IT pros express an almost universal confidence in endpoint protection as the be-all, end-all to combating these threats....
25 February, 2014 | Nick Cavalancia

What's Getting Lost in Your Log Data?

When stories come up in the news about data breaches, if you're like me, you tend to gloss over them if they seem similar to something you've already read.  I almost did that today.  But something in this story really got my attention. There's a story this week about Neiman Marcus being hit...
11 April, 2011 | Michael Fimin

2010—A Year to Remember for NetWrix Corporation

What a year it was, indeed. As the CEO and President of NetWrix, and I’m proud to say that 2010 was the most successful year ever: record-setting sales numbers, new customer acquisitions, innovative new technologies, widespread industry recognition – and so it goes. Great products, smart...
7 March, 2011 | Jeff Melnick

The Complex World of Endpoint Security

NetWrix's own Jeff Melnick sits down with Help Net Security Editor and Chief Mirko Zorz to discuss the intricacies of endpoint security, offering tips and tricks to IT administrators for ways to improve their security in their own environments. Based on your experience, what is the biggest...
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