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4 December, 2018 | Ilia Sotnikov

Top 7 IT Security Trends in 2019

Across the IT security landscape, the year of 2018 was never prosaic or boring. We saw breaches of such giants as British Airways, Macy’s and Facebook, data privacy scandals around Google and Facebook (again), and the GDPR shakeup, to name just a few. Now it is time to look at what the next...
20 November, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

The Top 5 IT Security Trends for 2018

In 2017, the IT community was primarily focused on mitigating external threats, such as cloud hacks and state-sponsored cyber attacks. However, many of this year’s data breaches — notably Equifax and Anthem — were actually the result of insider misuse or human mistakes. These breaches clearly...
14 December, 2016 | Ilia Sotnikov

Top 5 Emerging IT Security Threats for 2017

The year 2016 was definitely not the best year for cybersecurity. A series of headline-making data breaches like those at MySpace, LinkedIn, Friend Finder Network and Mossack Fonseca have proven that hackers are currently beating organizations in the field of data protection. In 2017, the situation...
16 June, 2016 | Michael Fimin

4 Takeaways from Cyber Innovation Showcase at Infosec16

Infosecurity Europe 2016, Europe’s number one information security event, took place in London, 7–9 June 2016. Cybercrimes, ransomware, and insider threat detection were this year’s hot topics. Netwrix experts ran a few speaking sessions at the Cyber Innovation Showcase segment that...
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