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2 March, 2017 | Ben Brumm

6 Rules to Improve Your PL/SQL Packages Security

Using PL/SQL code in your system has many advantages. However, it can be insecure if it isn’t done right. In this article, I’ve outlined a few practices you can follow to improve the security of your Oracle PL/SQL code. Use Packages Instead of Procedures or Functions The easiest way to...
6 February, 2017 | Ben Brumm

4 Things You Should Never Store in Your Database

Databases are mainly used to support various business-critical applications. They can store many kinds of data. However, there are some things you should never keep in a database. These basic database security techniques will help protect your data: Unsecured Credentials This is...
29 November, 2016 | Ben Brumm

9 Best Practices for Granting Oracle Privileges

Oracle has several features to allow you to improve the security of your database. One such feature is the ability to grant privileges to users. In this article, I’ll discuss what privileges are and list some best practices for their use. It will help you to gain more visibility into what's...