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23 January, 2019 | Matt Middleton-Leal

Top 5 Human Errors that Impact Data Security

Tighter data protection regulations have forced businesses to put data security at the top of their priority list. However most companies still lack a strong cybersecurity culture among their employees. In fact, a recent paper by Osterman Research reports that less than half (42%) of organizations...
21 April, 2015 | Richard Muniz

Nine Steps to a Better Password Management

Passwords remind me a bit of the Coyote. Not the one that chases the Road Runner, but the one that lives in my native South-West and howls at the moon. No matter how hard humans have tried to get rid of it, it hangs in there, and in most cases, even manages to gain ground back. Why do I compare...
14 August, 2014 | Brian Svidergol

Avoid Data Breaches: Top Five Tips

It is hard to keep up with all of the various computer security incidents occurring daily. One can't help but wonder if more incidents are being reported and spreading through social media and internet news or if more incidents are taking place. It is likely both. The good news is, over the last...
21 May, 2014 | Jeff Melnick

User Password Opinions and Advice on Spiceworks

Recently a discussion on Spiceworks induced me to think about password policy, how we should approach it and what are the best practices. I summarized IT Pros’ comments and hereby I suggest my point of view on how password policy should be organized. Managing access to any system usually...
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