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13 November, 2015 | Richard Muniz

The Actual Disaster Recovery Plan

Part two of a Disaster Recovery process is the actual plan. You have to look at what could go wrong and either eliminate the possibility it would, or at least lower the impacts. So, if you failed to avoid the problem, you have to have a plan to meet it and deal with it. There’s a lot of really...
19 October, 2015 | Sarah Greesonbach

4 Tips for Maintaining SOX Compliance in 2015

If you run a public business in the United States, you are required to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). This piece of legislation was implemented to improve the accuracy of corporate disclosures and protect shareholders and the general public from the security threats of accounting errors...
9 September, 2014 | Richard Muniz

UPS Devices, SOX and Other Disasters

Return the Princess of Darkness. I had been asked by management to give them (meaning the SOX auditors or Demons straight from Hell, depending on how you want to address them) the nickel tour of the datacenters.  There were a lot of questions, many of which will filter their way into future...
3 June, 2014 | Richard Muniz

Epic Fail: The Need for System Documentation

It’s not easy for me to admit failure! But anytime it can help someone learn a lesson, I’m more than willing to air my dirty laundry. I haven’t always been in IT. Many of you who have followed me on Spiceworks know that once upon a time I was a police officer. The biggest lesson I learned...
14 October, 2010 | Stephen Schimmel

Guide to Regulatory Compliance Audits

Gone are the days when IT departments existed only to repair routine computer problems or answer simple tech questions. As the dependence on technology has continued to grow throughout the past few decades, so too have the expectations dealing with the regulatory compliance audits and issues that...
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