30% of Healthcare Organizations Lack Resources for Data Protection in the Cloud

Earlier this year, we polled more than 750 organizations to find out what types of data organizations move to the cloud and what actions they take to protect it. The results are presented in our 2019 Cloud Data Security Report. In this article, we narrow down the results to the healthcare industry to understand the current situation and future trends in cloud data security for these organizations.

We found out that 32% of healthcare organizations store 100% of their sensitive data (e.g., healthcare data and the personal data of customers and employees) in the cloud. With so much sensitive data being stored in the cloud, we would expect these organizations to undertake initiatives to improve cloud data security, and, indeed, many of them plan to implement measures like encryption and user activity monitoring to strengthen their security posture. However, lack of sufficient budget could prevent at least 30% of them from achieving their data security goals. Nevertheless, more than half of healthcare organizations are ready to adopt a cloud-first approach or move their entire infrastructures to the cloud, which makes it even more urgent for them to be able to manage and secure data in the cloud effectively.

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