2 January, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] IT Risks in Finance: Danger of Human Errors

This is the third post about the most common IT risks facing major industry sectors. This time, we have extracted data from the 2018 IT Risks Survey to find out more about the problems and concerns of banks, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions. The survey covers the...
19 December, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] IT Risks in Government Sector: Insiders vs. Hackers

We have used the data from 2018 IT Risks Survey to dive deeper into the problems facing federal, state and local government organizations. The survey covers the six most common types of IT risks: physical damage, intellectual property theft, data loss, data breaches, system disruption and...
29 October, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Netwrix 2018 IT Risks Report: Summary and Key Takeaways

This is our third annual IT Risks Report. Over the years, it has changed significantly. The first surveys explored how organizations tackle IT risks related to security, compliance and operations and the resulting reports revealed that these risks are closely connected. This year, we decided to...
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