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27 August, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Privacy Laws by State: The U.S. Approach to Privacy Protection

We are witnessing a global trend — data privacy protection is becoming a priority for individuals, organizations and governments alike. As governments work to take protection of data privacy rights under control, organizations are having to reconsider how they collect, store and process personal...
8 August, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Privacy: Why Is Everyone So Concerned?

Data privacy is a huge public concern of the digital age, in part because data breaches continue exposing the personal data of millions of people. Even a single breach can have serious impacts: Individuals can suffer identity theft or blackmail, while companies risk financial costs along with...
25 June, 2019 | Earl Follis

Data Privacy vs. Data Security: What Is the Real Difference?

The importance of cybersecurity has been growing exponentially over the last decade. Today, between persistent threats from cyberattacks such as malware and intrusions, accidental or intentional data loss, and data security regulations that impose stiff penalties on companies who ignore their data...
1 February, 2017 | Jeff Melnick

Data Privacy Day: Contest Results

Hi Guys, Thank you for your participation in our Data Privacy Day contest! We're glad to name our lucky winners: Kevin Rampersad James Churchwell Brian Beckers Each winner gets a $30 ThinkGeek Cards. Congrats! May your data stay secure!  
2 November, 2015 | Sarah Greesonbach

GLBA Compliance to Secure Consumer Data

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) was enacted to protect consumer financial information from mistakes within companies that industry process, transfer, and store massive amounts of consumer data. Disregarding the GLBA requirements for secure consumer data can result in a number of serious...
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