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15 November, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

The New York SHIELD Act: Key Provisions

The hottest IT concern today is undoubtedly data privacy. With personal data being exposed in massive breaches, resulting in issues like identity theft, state governments are adopting privacy protection laws, and a federal U.S. privacy bill is also in the works. In particular, the New York...
5 November, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Privacy Trends, Issues and Concerns for 2020

One defining feature of 2019 was an increasing focus on data privacy around the world, including a variety of new government regulations. Data privacy is a hot topic because cyber attacks are increasing in size, sophistication and cost. Accenture reports that the average cost of cybercrime has...
24 October, 2019 | Ilia Sotnikov

Why New Privacy Regulations Are a Business Enabler, Not an Enemy

Personal information (PI) is the future of business because it helps provide customers with a customized experience that leads them to buy more. However, companies can no longer collect personal data without restraint, given the growing wave of consumer rights advocacy and privacy regulations such...
24 September, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Student Data Privacy Protection Explained

This summer brought news about yet another student data breach. This time, online education platform failed to keep one of its databases properly updated, thereby leaving almost 7 million records for 19,000 of students available for anyone to steal from June 23 to July 1, 2019. The exposed...
27 August, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Privacy Laws by State: The U.S. Approach to Privacy Protection

We are witnessing a global trend — data privacy protection is becoming a priority for individuals, organizations and governments alike. As governments work to take protection of data privacy rights under control, organizations are having to reconsider how they collect, store and process personal...
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