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10 November, 2016 | Jonathan Hassell

Should Mailboxes Be Shared or Inactive?

When people leave the company, change roles, or departments get closed, oftentimes you’ll need to keep the messages and mailbox contents that accumulated while those accounts were in service. To do this used to be fairly simple for organizations that were running Exchange Server on premises...
18 August, 2016 | Jonathan Hassell

Visibility Tips: Who Has Access to Mailbox?

Most organizations with more than 10 or 20 people on staff that are running either Exchange Server on premises or Office 365 in the cloud have mailboxes that are shared on some level. These scenarios could include the following: An executive or manager that generally handles his own tasks but...
9 August, 2016 | Matt Hopton

5 Free Exchange Security Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

Exchange email security is a huge front to defend. There are now so many attack surfaces that it can be hard to decide how to start. Here are a few things that you might want to consider when thinking about your Exchange infrastructure security setup. This is by no means a full list. 1. Full...
20 April, 2016 | Alex Vovk

4 Rules to Enhance Email Security in the Cloud

The long-existing problem of email hacking appears to be unsolved by 2016. According to the recent warning released by FBI, companies have lost above $2.3 billion over the past three years due to email frauds, in which the employees are tricked into wiring funds to adversaries by fake messages sent...
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