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22 October, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Introduction to PowerShell

In this short PowerShell introduction, I’ll explain what PowerShell is and what it was created for, as well as provide a list of useful resources that can help you learning PowerShell scripting and make your working life easier. Windows PowerShell is a Windows command-line shell created to...
18 April, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

How to Manage File System ACLs with PowerShell Scripts

Many organizations with a Microsoft Windows environment rely on NTFS as the main file system for their storage devices that contain sensitive data. It is the easiest way for users to work with files. In order to implement a least-privilege model, which is a best practice for system security, IT...
20 February, 2017 | Larry Glusman

Pro Tip: How to Copy Files from One Server to Another

Copying files from one server to another is a fairly frequent task that system administrators face. As with most things in IT, there are many ways to accomplish this task.  The method you choose will depend on your situation and your personal preferences.  The information below assumes that both...
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