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22 September, 2016 | Joseph Moody

Group Policy: Best Practices for Troubleshooting Performance Problems

There are tradeoffs to everything. In a Windows environment, users want fast logons/startups and a consistent experience across multiple devices. An efficient logon is often related to ease of use. For example, Folder Redirection and Group Policy Printer Preferences provide more unified end user...
16 May, 2016 | Russell Smith

4 Steps to a Secure Active Directory Administration Model

Active Directory (AD) is a primary target for hackers as it provides a way to get access sensitive company data. Here are four considerations for establishing a secure administration model for Active Directory. 1. Remove excess domain administrator privileges Domain and enterprise administrator...
5 December, 2013 | Nick Cavalancia

Can the NSA Spot the "Adversary"?

The NSA released a PDF entitled "Spotting the Adversary with Windows Event Log Monitoring" earlier this year. While there's a bit of irony in this, given the whole Snowden story that followed the release of this document, the PDF is still chock full of great information on what to watch for in an...
18 October, 2013 | Deb Shinder

Top 6 Security Breaches that Auditing Would have Prevented

Because IT security breaches have become so prevalent, the common model for addressing them is often more reactive than proactive. Have you given up and given in to the idea that breaches are inevitable? Money, time and effort is put into establishing incident response teams, but often preventative...
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