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30 April, 2019 | Brian Svidergol

What is the Principle of Least Privilege?

In this blog post, we will explain the principle of least privilege (POLP), provide the definition and use cases, and explain the importance of the principle. Like many other security principles and concepts, this principle is one part of a larger security strategy that aims at mitigating the risk...
26 March, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

The CIA Triad and Its Real-World Application

What is the CIA triad? Information security revolves around the three key principles:  confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). Depending upon the environment, application, context or use case, one of these principles might be more important than the others. For example, for a financial...
3 August, 2017 | Michael Ustinov

Top 4 IT Security Trends to Keep an Eye On

With attacks getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated, the traditional approach to shielding your IT ecosystem is no longer working. You can’t simply tie hands of “bad guys” and give full privileges to “good guys” because you can’t know which users you can actually trust. For...
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