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12 October, 2017 | Pierre Dehombreux

Ransomware Survivor: 6 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

By Pierre Dehombreux, Director of Information Technology at Whiteriver Unified School District My name is Pierre and I am an IT director at Whiteriver School District in Arizona, U.S.  I am a recent ransomware survivor, and I’d like to share my story and the lessons I learned with you. Who We...
30 August, 2017 | Russell Smith

Quick Guide: How to Prevent Ransomware

This year, ransomware has been high on the list of the security issues giving CISO sleepless nights. Although ransomware attacks have been on the rise for some time, this year included an apocalyptic event: WannaCry infecting over 300,000 computers in 99 countries, including those of well-known...
29 June, 2017 | Jonathan Hassell

How to Get Rid of Ransomware at No Cost

Ransomware is one of the biggest scourges we face as Internet citizens today. What happens when you have been struck by it? The most obvious option would be to pay the ransom. You would not be alone if you did – even large companies and non-profits have had to pay, or at least negotiate, a...
1 June, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

8 Scariest Ransomware Viruses

The first ransomware infections drew attention in 2013, and they have been steadily on the rise since then. Today, they are one of the most common online threats affecting Internet users and organizations of all sizes. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR),...
16 May, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

WannaCry Ransomware: How to Stay Safe

WannaCry has become the worst case of ransomware in history, holding hundreds of thousands of computers hostage all over the world. In this article, we reveal the most important information about this virus and provide a step-by-step guide for preventing WannaCry ransomware attacks against your...
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