New Game: Take the cyber-safe Christmas quiz and win prizes Play Quiz
20 September, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Securing Your Servers with Windows Defender, AppLocker, SCT and More

Malware — computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware and so one — is a continuous threat to organizations because it can damage devices and enable unauthorized parties to access the network remotely to collect and transmit sensitive information. Windows Server 2016 includes the...
18 May, 2017 | Jeff Melnick

SysAdmin Magazine: Ransomware and Malicious Insiders

Ransomware and malicious insiders top the list of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats. To have a fighting chance against them, IT pros have to be informed and proactive. In the May issue of SysAdmin Magazine we have collected practical guidelines they can use to minimize the risk of data...
20 December, 2016 | Larry Glusman

Security Practices: 3 Good Reasons to Gap Your Backup

Everyone knows how important it is to back up their data, right? Sadly, I feel like I should laugh after saying that because I know many people that don’t understand this basic concept. If you are reading this though, you are likely in the IT field, so should know that old saying: If you aren’t...
30 September, 2016 | Ryan Brooks

3 Pokémon GO Security Risks

Are your employees or colleagues caught up in the Pokémon GO craze? Surely, most of them are. However, in the hunt to “catch ‘em all,” Pokémon GO users expose themselves to a variety of security risks. Moreover, playing the game presents major security risks for corporate information. In...
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