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7 August, 2018 | Matt Middleton-Leal

How to Calculate Return on Security Investment

During my 20+ year career in IT, I have been involved in projects from many different angles. I have been an end user and a consultant; I have managed technology and I have sold it. But throughout it all, there has been one constant challenge:  How to assess the return on investment for a...
7 October, 2014 | Deb Shinder

5 Reasons to Reassess Your IT Security Strategy

If you’ve been in the IT field for a while, you know that one thing you can depend on is that you can’t depend on anything to stay the same. Technology is always advancing, trends are always changing, and you’re often left scrambling to keep up. Nowhere is this more true than in the security...
2 April, 2014 | Michael Fimin

Does Auditing Have a Role in Your Security Strategy?

When you hear the word audit and consider how it pertains to your security strategy, most organizations think of auditing as something you do once a year or when a problem arises. But just how should auditing be an integral part of your security strategy?  In fact, for most security plans,...