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16 August, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Hyper-V Security in Windows Server 2016

Administrator accounts work differently in virtualized environments than they do in physical ones. In particular, in a physical environment, administrative roles, such as storage administrator, network administrator, backup operator, and virtualization-host administrator, have limited or isolated...
10 June, 2016 | Richard Muniz

Tips to Avoid Detrimental Changes in VMware

Maintaining the performance and security of your virtual environment on a daily basis is an important — and non-trivial — task. VMware monitoring tools are a critical component of a solid security strategy because they help you quickly detect and remediate unauthorized changes and errors that...
1 July, 2015 | Danny Murphy

Visibility into Virtual Environment: Focus on VMware Server Security

Virtualization is something that has been gaining popularity among IT Pros in past several years, and not without reason. Multiple operation systems and applications can be run on a single server thus saving costs and resources. But virtual machines, not unlike any other part of IT infrastructure,...
17 February, 2015 | Krishna Kumar

Ten Simple Ways to Prevent Security Breaches in VMware Server

VMware is one of the leading virtualization product developers. Virtualization helps make the best use of hardware resources. Implementing and managing VMware infrastructure is simple and provides great performance with high availability and business continuity through simplified disaster recovery...
30 May, 2014 | Richard Muniz

Right Tools for Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

The story goes that there was a Fortune 500 company that woke up one morning and found that they had over 5000 virtual machines. Right away, the question came up, if they are being used. So they did a very simple thing to find out. They shut them all off and waited for someone to scream. Almost no...
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