New Network Auditing Software: Network Infrastructure Change Reporter

NetWrix is proud to announce the release of NetWrix Network Infrastructure Change Reporter, new network auditing software that automatically discovers network devices and tracks changes made to their configuration settings. Devices such as routers, firewalls and switches are at the core of every infrastructure, and by their very nature, undergo regular and dynamic changes—new devices appear, old devices become obsolete, configuration changes are made by network administrators (accidental and unauthorized). Without proper maintenance of those dynamic configuration settings, the entire network or any part of it can become unreachable, underperforming, or vulnerable to external attacks.

Network Infrastructure Change Reporter automatically discovers new devices in specified IP ranges and tracks changes to their settings, such as modifications in IP routing tables, firewall rules, security settings, and protocol parameters. Armed with Network Configuration Change Reporter, network administrators can automatically document every single change made to managed devices and detect unmanaged and rogue devices. The change audit data can be used for security analysis, troubleshooting, and compliance audits.

The product is available in freeware and commercial editions and enables auditing of configuration changes in SNMP-enabled network devices, automatic discovery of new network devices, as well  as detection of disappeared devices within given IP ranges, precise reporting on all configuration changes  with before and after values of each modified configuration setting.

Are you currently monitoring these types of  configuration changes made to network devices? If so, how are you doing so?

Stephen is a former Product Manager at Netwrix.