23 August, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Auditing Windows Server

Continuously auditing the activity in your network is one of the most critical security best practice, since it helps you notice potentially malicious activity early enough to take action and prevent data breaches, system downtime and compliance failures. The top ways to audit activity in Windows...
15 March, 2016 | Alex Vovk

Infographics: Common Drawbacks of SIEM Solutions

SIEM is a complex solution that requires thorough maintenance and support, which often skyrockets SIEM expenses. The need to hire and train more SIEM analysts is named as the main factor that significantly influences the total cost of SIEM ownership. It earned the highest score (4.8) in the rating...
1 March, 2016 | Jeff Melnick

SysAdmin Magazine March 2016: Preparing for IT Auditors

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the number of vulnerabilities that have been publicly announced.  Following compliance regulations is much more than a duty for stakeholders, it is inevitable component of the corporate security strategy. On the other hands passing compliance...
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