Best Practices for Change Management in the Data Center

When it comes to change management, Scott Matteson gets it.  Too many companies today make changes without any kind of change management in place. Scott’s approach even includes the mandated use of individual accounts to perform changes so that Auditing of system changes can easily be tied back to a specific person.

Many of you won’t implement change management in your environment, but you do desire to have the ability to track what changes are being made in systems like Active Directory, Exchange, and your Windows-based file servers. If you fit into this category, you’re on the right path. A single change can impact tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users.  With no ability to check what changed, it will be extremely difficult to identify the change that is impacting your business.

Whether you implement change management audit abiding by a formal strategy or just want to be able to know what has changed in your environment, Scott’s idea of individual accounts and auditing changes are critical.