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1 October, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

The Capital One Hack: 3 Questions about Data Security in the Cloud

Financial services company Capital One suffered a breach that exposed the data of roughly 100 million individuals in the U.S. and approximately 6 million people in Canada. The breached data included 140,000 U.S. Social Security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and 1 million Canadian Social...
2 January, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] IT Risks in Finance: Danger of Human Errors

This is the third post about the most common IT risks facing major industry sectors. This time, we have extracted data from the 2018 IT Risks Survey to find out more about the problems and concerns of banks, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions. The survey covers the...
31 July, 2017 | Jeff Melnick

[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks in Finance

Netwrix conducted its 2017 IT Risks Survey to learn more about the security, compliance and operational issues that bother organizations in more than 30 industries worldwide. We continue to review the main cybersecurity risks that bother organizations of various sizes and industries. Did you...
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